STAND Strength Team

The STAND strength Team came to our church today.  These guys are awesome.  Jen got a picture of them signing autographs.


Afterwards, a group of folks went out to Famous Dave’s BBQ.  Me, Jen, Dave and Rita ended up sitting in a booth because there wasn’t enough room for everyone at the main table. We ordered the Rib-Tip Feast.  It had 5 pounds of rib tips.  It was huge-normous.  Here is me and Dave with our tasty rib tips.

Famous Dave

Christian Rap

Over at the lampmode forums I saw these links.  Holy Hip Hop… check these links out:

This is over an hour long interviews and concert footage at the Flavor Alliance.  Timothy and Shai Linne are live at the 8 minute mark:

Timothy Brindle got noticed The Way of the Master radio.  Listen at the 43 minute mark for a few minutes…

Two new CDs

I picked up two new CDs this past week, and I am so glad I did.

A couple months back I went to see Building 429 in concert. I have to say I was a little disappointed. It turned out to be a youth event, so compared to the rest of the crowd I was like an old geezer. Then, the acoustics were pretty bad, and the bands were really loud so it was hard to make out the lyrics. It wasn’t a bad concert, but after seeing Casting Crowns I think I am spoiled for life. Anyways, the opening act that night was a group called Hyper Static Union, and I had never heard of them before. I could kick myself for not going up and talking with these guys because they were meeting and greeting everyone. But like I said, the poor venue made me a little wary…

So, after the concert I checked into them a little more, and heard a couple of their songs online. The CD was on sale at the Family Christian book store, so I bought. It is amazing. The lead singer has a huge vocal range, and a distinctive voice. It is very funk-laden Christian rock. You can check them out at their website. I really like the song Praying for Sunny Days.

I bought the David Crowder Band‘s “B Collision.” It is a short CD with “acoustic” versions of songs off of thier last album “A Collision.” I put acoustic in quotes, because they still throw in their unique electronic music additives. More than anything though, they went into some bluegrass on these two albums, and this album has the live version of their bluegrass tunes. I love it. Thebest is when he explains to the crowd that bluegrass has a very complex rythym structure called the “boom-chuck” and that you should only clap on the “chuck.” Good stuff.

Keep up the good fight, both of you groups!

A Collision Lifegiver