Huron River

This weekend a group of men from our church camped at Proud Lake Recreation area. We went fishing on the Huron River, and we all cauhgt a bunch of pan fish. It was pretty fun. I used an ant pattern for a while, but with no luck. Jose said I could look in his bass collection, so I picked out this fluorescent green popper. Next thing I know, I was catching a bunch of blue gill…


Au Sable River

Last year I went to the Barakel Men’s retreat, and I didn’t realize that fishing season had ended onthe majority of the river. The state hands out a booklet with a good map of where you can fish and when it is allowed, but it is chut up page by page, and you have to flip between like 5 or 6 pages to see the entire Au Sable River. So, I took their PDF they had online, and slowly imported each section of the Au Sable into Paint.NET. Then I pasted each section together to provide a single look at the entire river system. Here is the map, you can go to Flickr and get the bigger version:

Au Sable Map

Destroying the fish of the Great Lakes

A couple days ago a story appeared in the Detroit Free Press discussing the chances of asian carp being introduced into the Great Lakes, and how it could possibly wipe out the current fish population.

A quote from the article: “A bar owner in Bath — population 350 — staged the second annual carp tournament on Aug. 26 for laughs and slimy fun, yes, but also to draw attention to the invasive fish that many experts fear could threaten — or even decimate — sport and commercial fisheries on the Great Lakes.”


I got to fish today.

Today is Labor Day and for the past couple days I haven’t been able to sleep well because my allergies get so bad during the night. I figure if I’m up I should go fish. So, this morning I set off at around 6:30 AM for the Clinton River. I know there are fish in here, and if you don’t think so then watch this movie. The DNR dumped 25,000 rainbow trout in the Clinton River last year.

Anyways, I did not catch any fish, but I did see a few here and there. None of them were rising to eat, but at least I had fun. The best part is that there was not another soul out there, which makes for a very relaxing time for fishing.

Here are some pictures I took. First is a picture of some spider webs I noticed while I walked around the Holland Ponds Park. The second was what I thought would be the best place to catch a fish that morning.