Clinton River

Here is an interesting article on the conditions of the Clinton River:

From the article: ” It all started with a simple e-mail. The sender, someone on the listserve of the Clinton River Watershed Council, posed an open-ended question: Is it possible to canoe the Clinton all the way from Pontiac to Mount Clemens, near where it spills into Lake St. Clair?”

Barakel Trip

I went to Camp Barakel this weekend for the men’s retreat. We specifically chose this weekend so we could hear Tom Harmon speak. Tom is just amazing. Glenn mentioned how as a Christian you feel ignorant after hearing him speak because you realize how much more you have yet to learn. Tom has entire books of the Bible memorized, and an understanding of how they inter-relate to each other that only comes from deep studies of the Word.

Many spiritual truths I’ve already known were re-enforced this weekend, but I still needed it. The spiritual boost you get from listening to several related sermons in a row is something I should make time for more often.

One thing that Tom left us with is that affirmation is a psycological necessity. We as humans enjoy being affirmed. There can be negative affirmation and positive affirmation, but either way we will cling to that affirmation. The important thing is that we must affirm our faith. We must read the Word, study the Word, and memorize the Word to increase our knowledge and affirm our faith in God.

Interestingly, I think I went to camp with the wrong focus but I also think God brought every thing back into focus for me. On the first morning up there we actually got a dusting of snow (in the early part of October), here is a nice picture of the fall colors against the snow.


Fishing the South Branch

I spent a lot of time planning my trip up to Camp Barakel this year.  Actually, I think I spent too much time.  I was looking forward to fishing more than I was to looking forward to meeting with God up at Camp…  This is what the weather looked like on the first day of my trip up north:

There was rain, snow, sleet, and the worst was probably the wind gusts up around 30 mph.  Well, Matt and I still went and explored the Mason Tract of the South Branch of the Au Sable.  We even found a spot with a dock called Durant’s Castle, and casted off the dock for a little while.  Little fishing, no catching, but it was still very scenic.