Jeep News

Well, I thought I’d give a Jeep update because it has been a long time since my last post.

Way back in November I got my 1979 CJ-7  back after investing more into it than what I bought it for.  The crankshaft was scored, and it was recommended that I get a new block for the engine.  I did this, and along the way was talked into adding power steering, an electronic choke carb, and an HEI distributor.  Things tended to add up quick, but I have a pretty reliable CJ-7 now…

Probably the worst part is that I discovered the rebuilt engine that was swapped in is the smaller version of the inline 6.   Then I asked for the warranty paperwork from the shop because it was supposed to be from ATK Engines, and I am still waiting on the paper work.  I should probably pester the people up there more, but I called them almost every day for two months just to get my vehicle back, and I am tired of chasing them down.

Then in a very interesting twist, the other day on Great Lakes 4×4 forums, I noticed a thread that said the current owner of the shop that did the work on my Jeep was arrested on drug charges and was sentenced to jail.  That would definitely make things interesting arround the shop.

The latest news is that I bought some new tires that actually would get me through the snow we’ve had the last few weeks.  I got 31″ Toyo Open Country AT’s on some nice new rims.  I’ll have to take some pics.   I’m hoping now that the rust doesn’t start to eat away at the steel.

I alo bought some rubber engine mounts, and I’m going to try and install these sooner or later.

Buyer Beware of

Using Froogle, I stumbled upon a screaming deal on a Panasonic IP-based web cam. These are good for security and babies, and dogs, and I felt it would be very useful.

I had heard Panasonic made good IP cameras, so I started searching for “Panasonic camera” and stumbled on a search result from This camera was listed as $17 on their site, and up to $700 on other sites. I thought maybe I had found a pricing error, or a good bargain. However, what I found was a bait and switch.

After researching the online store , I started to read other reviews where people had the same problem I did. Basically, they get you on your site with a low price, and then they tell you it is on back-order. Then you call and complain, and thy extend the back order date. Then you call and complain again, and they tell you that the part is discontinued and is no longer available. Isn’t that the point of these online stores – to locate a hard-to-find part?

Even though I knew the price on these cameras were to good to be true, I still feel like they should have honored their pricing. I doubt that the part is discontinued, and I am on a personal mission to make sure no one shops at their web site ever again. So, if you are reading this then be warned that if it seems to good to be true at – it is.

Deal: Cast Iron Cookware

I love cooking with cast iron.  Everything tastes better, and I know I am not using any teflon which supposedly can cause problems. Teflon fumes from cooking has been known to kill birds, so I doubt it is good for me to be inhaling.

Anyways, there is a deal up on that has three cast iron pans for $10.  That is pretty good, but I’m not sure of the quality.

I already have a couple pans, so I don’t think I need anymore.

Snow Storm 02-14-2007

All the local schools shut down today. I got the call that school was out around 5:30 am. I started to shovel the drive as soon as it was light outside, and I didn’t get finished until around 9 am.

I got stuck in the subdivision, but made it out to the main road after a few minutes. I drove about two miles down the main road and saw a spin-out happen, and saw a bunch of police lights in the distance. I decided to call in instead of risk it, and I got new tires on the Jeep. I’ll post about those, once I try them out a bit, but they are Toyo Open Country A/T tires. They seem to work real nice so far.

Here’s the snow drift on the side of our house:
Snow storm picture

River got a Fly Vest

Jen and I were walking through Target and she wanted to look at the Dog Clothing aisle, and I told her we should be wasting any more money on that because River already has two shirts. She talked me into it, and as we were walking down the aisle I see it. A fly fishing outfit for dogs. Okay, I guess we can buy something else. 🙂

River in his new fishing outfit

Interesting Links

Here is some cool randomness I’ve stumbled upon around the web:

1. The best camper ever for traveling off the beaten path:

2. Midwest Fly Fishing Expo is coming up soon in Michigan. Boo-Yah:

3. Just bought this CD… AWESOME:

4. Just visited here.  This is a sweet Outdoor Sporting good shop. Small but AWESOME fly fishing section:

Barakel Couples Retreat

Camp Barakel, Camp Barakel, we’re glad to turn again…

I was at the couple’s retreat this weekend at Camp Barakel. Tom Harmon had some amazing messages on building a Godly marriage. Camp Barakel has actually made these available for free from their web site.

Jen and I went with three other couples from our church, and I had a lot of fun. Julie took this cool picture of me flying down the tubing hill!

Speeding down the hill at Barakel