Big Rats for Dinner

So the other day I am flipping through the channels to have something on in the background while I work on homework.  I happened upon a show called Bizarre Foods on the travel channel, and decided to leave it on.

Well, the episode was about hunting and eating the Nutria down in Louisiana. This 3rd generation trapper took the host of the show into the bayou and found some of these giant rat-like creatures.  He then proceeded to whack it on the head with a stick, skin, it and take back home where it turned it into gumbo.  There you go – a big rat for dinner.

The most interesting part of the show was the fact that the host made about our food sources.  There is a stigma around eating certain types of animals.  I know when I visited my family down south as a child, squirrel was a typical menu item.   However, you don’t see squirrel on too many restaurant menus.

This got me thinking about how the animals that we do eat are raised.  Many chickens never see the light of day, many cows are injected with drugs and hormones, pigs are fed food just as nasty as anything else.  However, we (well, not everyone) still think it is gross to eat something from the rodent family.  Oh well, I just found this interesting.

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