How to make a Free Fly Box

Over at the Gates Lodge website, they posted how they are making free fly boxes for children by spray painting old Altoids tins.

I have seen all sorts of different uses for Altoid tins, and this is definitely a cool one.  They said you could stick a piece of foam or a magentic business card on the bottom for some padding.

For anyone on a budget or just getting into fly fishing, I think this is a really good idea.  I may have to give this a try some day.

The tin

Fly Fishing season is coming…

Next weekend is the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo ( so that should be fun.

Today I stopped in at Bass Pro and it was the Spring Opener sale, and there was actually some fly fishing stuff on sale, but not much. Actually, not really anything worth picking up… but I did stop by the Detroit steelheaders booth.

Afterwards, I went up to Hanks Fly Fishing Shop. Wow, it is a nice shop. They have a ton of good stuff, and pretty much anything you could think of in the way of fly fishing equipment. I was even looking at some custom made bamboo rods. Sweet. I got some egg yarn and I’m going to make up some clown eggs.