David Crowder Band

It is amazing how much concert footage there is on YouTube.

Here is a favorite of mine:

Home Waters – North Branch

A little Memorial Day fishing! After resealing the patio this morning, Jen and I headed to a park due north.

First I had to get my waders on:
Getting ready to fish

Then River and I went down to check out the water:
Reading the Water

I fished for a little while:
Fly Fishing is Fun

And hooked into this little smallie:
Take a closer look.

Nice and peaceful day, with some beautiful weather.

More fishin’ fun…

Dave, Rita, Jen and I headed out for a picnic on Sunday and stopped by the Clinton North Branch. This is the first time I’ve seen this part of the river, and all I have to say is… wow. If only the entire river looked like it did up there. Check it out…

Clinton North Branch FeederClinton River North Branch

Dave and I did a little fishing. I even caught a blue gill…
Fly Fishin

Clinton River North Branch Bluegill

I got to stare down a goat…
The Goat

And took a family portrait…
The Fam

Hat of the Year

I saw this over at the Trout Underground blog.  What do you get the mountain man that has everything already?  A coyote to put on his head!

What in the world!?  I could see this making a good costume, but I don’t think I’m gonna pay $200 to walk around with a coyote on my head.Coyote Hat

Barakel Co-Labor Challenge

My church headed up to the annual Camp Barakel Co-Labor Challenge. Every year, the camp invites folks to come up and serve the Lord by raking leaves, chopping wood, moving rocks, etc. We get free meals all day, a couple hours of free time, a few devotionals, and a chance to serve God. Definitely a fun time. Here is an after shot (I wish I would have taken a before) with all the leaves removed from outside the new Heritage Lodge building:
Barakel With No Leaves!

During free time, Jen was nice enough to come down to Barakel’s private lake with me, and she even took a few pictures of me fishing while she read a book. I used some more of my own flies and a bright green popper. It seems like if it has rubber legs, the pan fish gobble it up.

Here’s a few shots:

Barakel Fly Fishing

Lake Fly Fishing

A beautiful day with hard work and relaxation combined – a definite stress relief.