Home Waters – North Branch

A little Memorial Day fishing! After resealing the patio this morning, Jen and I headed to a park due north.

First I had to get my waders on:
Getting ready to fish

Then River and I went down to check out the water:
Reading the Water

I fished for a little while:
Fly Fishing is Fun

And hooked into this little smallie:
Take a closer look.

Nice and peaceful day, with some beautiful weather.

More fishin’ fun…

Dave, Rita, Jen and I headed out for a picnic on Sunday and stopped by the Clinton North Branch. This is the first time I’ve seen this part of the river, and all I have to say is… wow. If only the entire river looked like it did up there. Check it out…

Clinton North Branch FeederClinton River North Branch

Dave and I did a little fishing. I even caught a blue gill…
Fly Fishin

Clinton River North Branch Bluegill

I got to stare down a goat…
The Goat

And took a family portrait…
The Fam

Hat of the Year

I saw this over at the Trout Underground blog.  What do you get the mountain man that has everything already?  A coyote to put on his head!

What in the world!?  I could see this making a good costume, but I don’t think I’m gonna pay $200 to walk around with a coyote on my head.Coyote Hat

Barakel Co-Labor Challenge

My church headed up to the annual Camp Barakel Co-Labor Challenge. Every year, the camp invites folks to come up and serve the Lord by raking leaves, chopping wood, moving rocks, etc. We get free meals all day, a couple hours of free time, a few devotionals, and a chance to serve God. Definitely a fun time. Here is an after shot (I wish I would have taken a before) with all the leaves removed from outside the new Heritage Lodge building:
Barakel With No Leaves!

During free time, Jen was nice enough to come down to Barakel’s private lake with me, and she even took a few pictures of me fishing while she read a book. I used some more of my own flies and a bright green popper. It seems like if it has rubber legs, the pan fish gobble it up.

Here’s a few shots:

Barakel Fly Fishing

Lake Fly Fishing

A beautiful day with hard work and relaxation combined – a definite stress relief.

The Jeep Top Has Left the Building

Today, I took off the Jeep hard top for the first time since I bought it! Jen and I took a ride with River up to the Park and took him for a walk. It was awesome. I am going to check the weather in the morning, and if it looks good, I’m going to try and drive it without the top to work. Right now it says rain in the evening. I’ll pack my Frogg Toggs…

I built a nifty top holder based on some web sites I have seen. So far I have invested about $15 is eye-bolts, $4 in a 2×6, and $20 for a set of black tie-down straps at Wally World.

I put four eyes bolts spaced out the size of the hard top into the joists in my garage ceiling. I have a dry-walled garage so it looks like a pretty clean install. I run the 2″x6″ under the back end of the hard top and have two more eye-bolts on each end of the 2″x6″. I then tighten the tie downs by hand, and walk around the Jeep, giving it about 3 or 4 cranks and moving to the next strap.

Eventually, it is hanging high enough to let the Jeep roll out from under it.

Here are some pics:

Jeep Top Holder 2

It is a little crooked, I’ll have to work on the whole balanced raising:
Jeep Top Holder 3

And yes, I can even park under it!
Jeep Top Holder 1

I’m going to get some zip ties and hold the excess straps up in the air and make it look a little cleaner. My next step is to install my Besttop Supertop…

Jeep Problems

I am having Jeep problems right now.  I am a far cry from a shade-tree mechanic, but I am pretty good at figuring things out.  So, I am hoping I can fix this one myself.

My transmission is leaking pretty bad through a compression fitting on the way to the radiator.  I posted a message up to try and get some help.  Hopefully I can don’t mess it up more than it already is, if I go to fix it…

Here’s my post over in the CJ Offroad forums:

More fishing, less fish.

Went out to Paint Creek again, and fished some new areas. I had one bite, but no fish taken. At one point they were rising around me, but I couldn’t find the right fly. I went though an elk hair, a gnat, and the smallest gray dry fly I had (which I think was a 16). The one hit I had was on the elk hair. Got some good pictures…

Rod and Reel near the bank

Paint Creek