Another reason not to go to Starbucks…

I like coffee.  I drink it all the time because it tastes good, especially with certain things.  For example, coffee and pie, coffee and breakfast, etc.  What I really like is GOOD coffee, and I have found some here and there.  My favorite comes from a local cafe that I go to all the time.  Anyways, what I don’t like is Starbucks.  For a number of reasons, the top being that their coffee doesn’t taste very good to me.

However, I ran across this story today about how Starbucks is purposely printing controversial viewpoints on their cups.  This seems like bad advertising to me, but I guess when you are the biggest coffee chain in the U.S. you can do what ever you want.  This story focuses on a few different versions of the cup, so take a quick read and maybe you’ll find another reason not to support this behemoth coffee company.

Day on Bald Mountain

Jenny asked for some solitude, so I looked at what was available, and we went to the Bald Mountain Recreation Area today. I did some research and it seemed far enough and big enough that there wouldn’t be many people, and there was also some fishing possibilities.

In the Michigan Trout and Salmon Guide, there are a couple of trout creeks listed as running through this recreation area. The Paint is an obvious one, but I was hoping to take a look at Trout Creek. What I saw did not look very promising, but hopefully I’ll get back up to do some more exploring sooner or later. So we headed over to the lake to have a small picnic dinner.

She relaxed with our dog River, while I was basically just practicing fly casting. Here’s river actually taking a time-out:

River actually resting

After practicing casting for a few minutes, I decided to tie one of my very own flies. I heard brook trout up north like the color red in flies, and I was experimenting with rubber legs at the time. So I’m sure others have tied this before, but it is basically a variation of a fly I saw called a green butt-skunk. I used black dubbing for the body, white rubber legs, a red chenille “butt” and a deer hair tail.  I guess that would make this a red butt skunk.

Fly Fishing

After about three casts, I got in to a pretty big pan fish!! I was really exited because this was the first fish I have landed on my own fly. I wasn’t expecting to catch anything, but when I reeled him in I was surprised because this was a pretty big pan-fish.

Stupid Grin, but big fish

And here is the required artistic shot with my 5wt Gander Mountain rod and Ross Fly Water reel:

Fly Rod Pan Fish

It was very relaxing to be out there. There were a few fisherman over on the other side of the lake – maybe four or five total. It’s nice to be out and away.

Two other things happened. River was actually jumping in the water (more like mud) at the park, and was not afraid at all. That is good news if we ever take him out on the river.

Muddy Puppy

Also, Jen and I made a short stop at Paint Creek on the way back home so I could scope out some fishing spots. I think I found where I’ll be going next time. The local Trout Unlimited has a nice sign posted up too:

Paint Creek Anglers
It was definitely a nice day.