The Jeep Top Has Left the Building

Today, I took off the Jeep hard top for the first time since I bought it! Jen and I took a ride with River up to the Park and took him for a walk. It was awesome. I am going to check the weather in the morning, and if it looks good, I’m going to try and drive it without the top to work. Right now it says rain in the evening. I’ll pack my Frogg Toggs…

I built a nifty top holder based on some web sites I have seen. So far I have invested about $15 is eye-bolts, $4 in a 2×6, and $20 for a set of black tie-down straps at Wally World.

I put four eyes bolts spaced out the size of the hard top into the joists in my garage ceiling. I have a dry-walled garage so it looks like a pretty clean install. I run the 2″x6″ under the back end of the hard top and have two more eye-bolts on each end of the 2″x6″. I then tighten the tie downs by hand, and walk around the Jeep, giving it about 3 or 4 cranks and moving to the next strap.

Eventually, it is hanging high enough to let the Jeep roll out from under it.

Here are some pics:

Jeep Top Holder 2

It is a little crooked, I’ll have to work on the whole balanced raising:
Jeep Top Holder 3

And yes, I can even park under it!
Jeep Top Holder 1

I’m going to get some zip ties and hold the excess straps up in the air and make it look a little cleaner. My next step is to install my Besttop Supertop…

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