Fish Teeth Thumb Protector

Yes, this company has come up with a thumb protector to help protect your thumb from pesky fish teeth.  Weird, but actually a good idea.  It beats getting those mesh fish gloves on and off.

The company is called FlyTyers Carry-all, and has  some other nifty fly fishing related gear too.

4 thoughts on “Fish Teeth Thumb Protector

  1. A Christian Fly Fishing Camp… I think you just named my dream job there. I do not know of anything specifically. The web site mentioned by Savedman does have a fly-fishing forum where could post a message.

    After doing some searches on Google, I did find a lodge about 5 hours from Tulsa that seems to be owned by Christians. They could probably work out a private lesson/guided trip:

    I found this link, but it is a lon gdrive from Oklahoma:

    You could also try looking at these sites:

  2. This is near Oklahoma, and may have a way toprovide private lessons, or create a guided trip.:

    As for an actual Camp – I do not know of any, but a few Google searches showed some (but they are not close to Oklahoma):

    Also, try posting on fly-fishing message boards, like the one mentioned above, or even better if you can find boards specific to Oklahoma. Like these:

    Hope this helps… thanks!

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