OpenSource Desktop Search – DocSearcher

Today I stumbled onto an open source desktop search engine called DocSearcher.  While it doesn’t have all the capabilities of Google Desktop, Yahoo, and a couple of the other big ones, it works really well on word documents, pdfs, and other local documents (not email).  The best part is it is a local program, and I don’t feel like I am giving Google or Yahoo access to the files on my PC.  Check it out here: 

Important Information for People

Whether you are a Christian or not, my pastor had a good message on Father’s Day about how fathers can have good relationships with their children.  This three bullet point overview just scratches the surface, but if people could do these three things in almost any relationship it would build strong bonds.

The three points where that you need to build and foster:

1. Involvement
2. Trust
3. Commitment

Fly Fishing Pictures on Flickr

I was looking at some of my pictures and did a quick search on flyfishing on and was amazed at the quality of some of the pictures. You can do some perusing by clicking here on this link.


Take a look at this guy’s stuff:
Take a look at some of these photos that others have taken:

Other Christian Fly Fisherman? Cool:

A black and white:

Beautiful scenery:

Thank you Flickr and all the folks that use it!

Au Sable Trip – Day 4

My last day in Grayling was extremely fun as well. Because the temperature was set to drop down in to the upper 30’s that night, we decided to opt for a hotel instead of the tent. With a good night’s rest, and being only a couple miles from the Holy Water, it made for a great start to the day. However, Jen and I were awakened by River’s need to go potty a little earlier than we had hoped.

I felt guilty about not going to church on Sunday, but it was just too difficult with River there. We were not going to leave him in the car for an hour (especially in this heat), and were not allowed to leave him at the hotel alone. I almost wonder if some aspiring entrepenuer could start (or maybe already started) a chain of Pet Day Care at tourist locations.

Either way, we were up and moving by 7am, and I got onto the water with the sun starting to rise above the trees. I tried some more streamer fishing at Burtons, but still had no luck.

River was starting to get a little more courageous and started to edge his way into the water:
River and me

In the end we ended up with one really wet dog:

River went in the river.

After we dried River off, I thought we could go check out Kneff Lake, but the urge to head back to Gates Lodge for some advice overpowered me. We headed north on Stephans Bridge Road and I stepped into the Fly Shop one last time on this trip. I asked for some advice and some flies. I don’t know the name of the guy who helped me out, but he looked younger than me. He told me to try some Iso’s and some soft-hackled wet flies that imitated an emerging brown drake. He even told me to drift it upside of a log to try and entice the fish out. I paid for the flies, and headed right around the corner to the Stephan Bridge site:
AuSable Main Branch Stephan

I began working the far bank with the brand new wet fly, and there where there was a ton of structure with logs and grass along the bank:

Casting on the AuSable

I saw a small pop on the water underneath a tree and noticed some bugs hovering around the water. I decided to cast under the tree hoping I wouldn’t lose my brand new fly. After the third cast, a fish came up and nailed the wet fly. There wasn’t a huge fight, but I reeled him in and couldn’t believe the colors on this brookie. It was simply beautiful. Within 15 minutes of buying the fly, I already had a nice brookie on it, and I wanted to go back and thank the guy at the fly shop. Jen took several pictures of the fish before I released him back into the river: Brookie Close-Up

This is the obligatory bragging shot:
Brookie Money Shot

And this is my favorite picture of the trip that Jen took where the brookie was hovering in the water while I was trying to get the hook out of his mouth:
Brookie in Water

This was one of the best fishing trips that I’ve been on, and know that with every fishing trip I learn more about reading the water, knowing where to look for fish, perfecting my cast, and choosing the right fly. It should only get better from here.