Top 10 Reasons when you know you are a Fly Fisherman

10. All electronics you buy must now be waterproof or fit into a waterproof container.

9. Trout Unlimited starts mailing membership letters to your house, but you’ve never signed up before and don’t know how they got your address.

8. You start asking around for scraps of animal fur from hunter friends, and begin staring at animals lying next to the road and rugs in the homes of friends.  (You know you have…)

7. While other guys are talking about the football score, you’re day dreaming about that new streamer and whether it will work at the tail of that new pool you found.

6. You suddenly are obsessed with maps and topography, and begin to waste hours on Google Earth trying to decide if it is a new branch of the stream or just the glare of the sun.

5. Whether it is 32 degrees, 62 degrees, or 82 degrees, you are still waist deep in water.

4. Your hands smell like fish, your clothes smell like fish, but you’re eating chili-mac for dinner.

3. You periodically ensure that you hands have plenty of moisturizer on them so that later on the thread doesn’t snag on your cracked skin.

2. You will go anywhere on vacation… as long as there is water near by.

1.  When people ask if you have a hobby, you state that you fish – but you know they don’t understand what you mean.

Winter Fly Fishing

I was itching to get out on the water, and had some time to go out last Saturday. Christmas was fast approaching, but I had got all my shopping done and Jenny was planning on baking cookies, so I decided to head up to the home waters.

The moon was full, but the river was unforgiving.
Winter Stream

I had to break up ice just to wade in certain areas. There are a few spots where springs feed into the water and it was still frozen there. I could actually walk on top certain parts of the river, and I am not light.

After about two hours my toes started to go numb, so I wiggled them around and got the blood flowing and all was well. I tried nymphs and streamers in places I thought fish might be holding, but no luck. The air temp was around 40 degrees (F) and I thought that might help get the fish moving, but the water temp was reading at almost 32 degrees(F).

It was very peaceful out on the water, and I was able to scratch the fishing itch even though I was fish-less. More than anything it ended up being a reprieve for what was about to happen that night. I ended up eating out that evening and ate something bad at the restaurant and am pretty sure I had some type of food poisoning. I have not been that sick in a LONG time, but I feel better now. The river was peaceful and that was the best part of heading out.

Winter Stream 2


Today is Christmas Eve, and yesterday I had a huge bout with food poisoning.   When I started to feel better yesterday I thanked God, and today I am thanking him for coming to earth so many years ago.

For some reason traditional Christmas songs are not popping into my head this morning but rather some good ol’ hymns are.  If it celebrates Christ – I think that is the point.

Click on these links to sing along:

It Is Glory Just To Walk With Him

He Is So Precious To Me

I Stand Amazed in the Presence

Baby’s First Picture

I guess it technically is not a picture it is an ultrasound, but the baby is definitely pictured below:


We have decided to not know the gender until birth – which I believe will probably be a daunting task.  Also, we currently like names that start with H such as Herbert, Harold, and Hilga… =) or not.

Music lately…

Well, I have been listening to my John Davis CD Arigato pretty much non-stop. His lyrics are powerful, and are backed by some really amped up music. As I was listening the other day, I started to ponder about another musician named Josh Caterer. He formed a group called Duvall out of the remnants of his previous punk rock group The Smoking Popes.

A quick search brought up his personal testimony and I thought it was pretty powerful and would share the link:

Then what I really began to ponder was whether or not John Davis and Josh Caterer know each other. They seem to have very similar musical backgrounds, and similar paths in life. Maybe they could collaborate and make some great music? I know in the secular music world sometimes you get some pretty interesting groups formed when they meet up at some big concert or event. I think it would be cool if John Davis and Yogi who put together Arigato could team up with Josh Caterer. That leaves a bassist…hmmmm – maybe Brian Welch (