Fatherhood draws closer…

Today Jen and I went to the hospital and had our second round of ultrasounds done. The baby was fairly cooperative at first, and was quite active.

Ultra Sound - sideview

The front view of the face is was kind of freaky because you can see the skeleton so well:
Ultrasound - Front view

The really weird part was when we saw the spine. You can actually see all the little vertebrae up and down the spine. The good news is everything is on track and looking normal. We have a healthy baby. It was amazing to see the baby squirming around so much. We even had to do some laps around the office because the baby wouldn’t roll over when trying to get the information on the heart rate. I told Jen to hop, skip, and jump, and had to tickle her to get her moving, but the baby still didn’t roll over – so she has to go back for another round.

The funny part was when the baby decided to do some interesting hand gestures. West Side!
Ultra Sound - West Side!

Jonathan Edwards and goal setting

So, what do most 17-year-olds dream of?  What type of goals would you expect a responsible 17-year-old to set?  Jonthan Edwards actually came up with 70 resolutions to base his life on.  My friend Dave pointed these out to me, and they are well worth reading.

Here is a link to the full list:

Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions 

Coolest Marching Band Show Ever

So, I am band geek. When I was in high school, I was every band I could get into by my senior year. My last year of high school consisted of Marching Band, Jazz Band, Concert Band, and Pep Band. So, when some old friends from band (hello Jason and Tamra) forwarded this link to the Cal State Marching Band I was in awe.

The Cal State marching band did a video game half-time show consisting of tetris, pokemon, zelda, and super mario brothers, and just the opening scene of tetris is worth watching. Definitely the coolest marching band show I’ve ever scene.

So, if you are a fellow geek (or not), definitely take a look at this: