Jeep Fixins

My 1979 Jeep CJ7 has been treating me well.  I have had almost no issues.  Then after locking the hubs after a bad snow I discovered that I had a bad u-joint in the drive shaft.

My brother helped me remove the drive shaft (which is a pain off of the quadratrac transfer case) , and after disassembling the driveshaft I discovered that the double-cardon joint had some issues.  The main part is called a Center Yoke (or Link Yoke) and got chewed up pretty bad:

I found a place online selling a replace for around $90, and I’m going to do some more checking.  I picked up some u-joints and the main ball-joint like part at my local NAPA.  I have to say they were extremely helpful up there.

I did find someone who did a walk-through of a double-cardon rebuild for a ZJ:

I also picked up a complete window washer pump/reservoir at NAPA for a little under $40.  My daily driver is becoming more and more complete.

Ministry in Missouri

My uncle sent me an email this evening about a ministry that his church has been doing down in Sedalia, MO.

It is called SUNDAY@7 and is geared towards youth.  If you are a Christian musician, they may be interested in booking you.

Here is a link to there site for more information: