Clara’s First Fishing Outing

This morning Jen, Clara, RIver, and I headed out to the local homewaters and spent a couple hours trying to relax. I think Jen had more trouble then relaxation as she was fending off the bugs, especially around Clara.

The fish just were not biting today, but I did catch two tiny baby chubs on a dry fly.


The real cool part is that this was Clara’s first fishing outing at five weeks old. Hopefully she will become a future fishing buddy.

Daddy and Clara

A new hobby – Dutch Oven Cooking and a table too!

I like the outdoors. I like cooking. Today they were joined in a new way. Last week I purchased a dutch oven with my birthday money, and today was my first foray into cooking with my new cast iron cookware.

I did some research on the Internet over the past week and determined I should piece together a dutch oven table to make cooking easier. I saw dutch oven tables being sold for around $100, but after doing some research found some make shift tables for much cheaper, and came up with my own idea.


I used two old saw horses, and bought a couple of galvanized pipes from home dept for around $6. I then went to Tractor Supply Company and bought two heavy duty feed pans for under $4 each. While I was there I picked up a pair of welding gloves, and a steel crow bar to use to lift the top of the dutch oven. All said and done I invested around $30.

Next I picked up some charcoal and a charcoal starter. Another $10. Well, I bought this “cowboy” charcoal not realizing that it was not briquettes, but rather chunks of wood. It worked, but made it hard to evenly distribute the heat.

I decided to make the “lazy cobbler” recipe that was in the cookbook that came with the dutch oven. Basically you dump a couple cans of peach cobbler, a yellow cake mix, and top it off with some butter. I had some trouble keeping my coals hot, and ended up putting more coals onto the fire. I put too many and it actually started boiling the peach juice. So, in the end I threw all the caols on top to try and brown the top of the cobbler.


The end result was actually really good. Jen and I had two helpings, with plenty of vanilla ice cream on top. Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to do some camping and I can make up some good dinners in my dutch oven.