Christmas Presents

I got a couple of fly fishing related presents for Christmas I thought I would briefly post about.

First, I received a Measure Net.  I had one of those cheap wood trout nets from Bass Pro and the netting is actually dyed black and I found out once it is wet, the dye runs everywhere.  So, I quit using my net last year.  Honestly, seeing as I don’t catch a whole lot of fish, I didn’t need to being the net along too often anyways.  I thought it would be nice to get a decent net that wouldn’t harm the trout, so I asked for one the small aluminum measure nets, and it is pretty nifty.  You can check out their web site here:

The other gift was a book by Jerry Dennis called “The River Home” which is a collection of essays and stories about fly-fishing, and many set within upper-Michigan.  So far I have read through several essays and have liked the stories and the author’s writing style.  My favorite essay is actually available to read here:

Also, if you are surfing the Internet, I recommend going over to check out the Holidy Card Collection from Bob White.  Bob White has Fly Fishing oriented Christmas Cards available on his art studio web site here:

A new year starts in a few days, but trout season re-opens in a 4 months…