First Fish ’09

After two days of Spring-like weather, and a couple weeks after most of the snow has melted, the weather man said it would be overcast and 50 degrees.  I figured it might just be time to get the rod and reel out.

I headed up to my lunch-time fishing hole and tied on a soft hackle emerger.  By the end of my lunch hour I had caught my first fish of 2009, as well as two more.  Three little blue gills decided they were hungry enough to take a fly.

2009 Midwest Fly Fishing Expo

So, this weekend was the 209 Midwest Fly Fishing Expo hosted by the Michigan Fly Fishing Club ( Both my daughter and my wife went with me to the show, and we had fun looking at all the different vendors and a few seminars. I didn’t really buy much this year, because I have pretty much everything I need now. I did pick up what looks to be a good book.

expo sign

When I arrived at the show, I was hoping to catch the demo from Jim Teeny regarding fishing with sinking tip lines, because I’ve never used one before. I am planning on fishing a few lakes this year, and may attempt to to use a sink tip line and wanted to see if there were any tips on fishing it. Here is a picture of Jim Teeny at the casting pond:
Jim Teeny

We walked around the expo a bit, and then we needed to find a spot to find my daughter. I steered us towards the fly tying area because Bob Jacklin ( was beginning his seminar discussing several of his favorite ties.
Bob Jacklin

I think the highlight of the trip up to the expo was that I got to meet Ron Barch from Alder Creek Rods and Alder Creek Publishing ( and A friend of the family happens to be friends with Ron, and gave my father-in-law a copy of a book by Kathy Scott called “Headwaters Fall as Snow”. Ron said his favorite book was “Moose in the Water/Bamboo on the Bench”, so I bought a copy and Ron was nice enough to autograph the book, along with the book’s artist Michael Miling. He also had some really nice bamboo rods for sale. I would highly recommend checking out his websites above.
Alder Creek

After being there a couple of hours, I think my daughter had information overload and all of a sudden decided it was time to take a nap – right inside the Jeep papoose.

Another Midwest Fly Fishing Show and another Trout season is just around the corner now…