Spring time at the homewaters

So, after visiting my favorite local fishing spot twice within the last couple weeks, I was finally able to catch some fish today. The local water has been washed out because we have had an overabundance of rain so far this year, and I was glad to see the water the way it was this morning.


I was somewhat wary about going today because fishing during Memorial Day weekend can be ruined very quickly by people who have are not in nature to be at peace, and would rather do quite the opposite. There happened to be an entire boy scout troop doing some Memorial Day camping near where I parked the car. Interestingly, there was a handful of them already fishing at one “my” spots. So, after getting geared up I headed in the opposite direction.

The river was clear enough to see the bottom, and the water temp was below 60. I almost wish I could talk to the DNR about stocking this place with trout because I think they could survive, but then it would probably get overrun with anglers. Anyways, I battled mosquitoes in between casts as I made my way down the the river until arriving at a familiar pool that I thought I might have a chance in. Sure enough, my first fish of the day was a chunky little creek chub who took a woolly bugger quite eagerly.


I couldn’t stand the mosquitoes any longer so I fished my way back to the car, and sprayed my stetson and shirt sleeves with some bug spray. I noticed all the boy scouts went to go eat breakfast, and decided it was my opportunity to fish “the honey hole.” I thought if I positioned myself in the right spot, I may be able to drop my woolly bugger next to a tree emerging from the far bank, and just might get lucky. After the second cast I felt a big tug and then a weight that felt like a dumbbell was just tied to the end of my line. The fish started to fight, my rod bent over, and I knew I had a decent sized fish on. After a couple minutes of tussling with the fish, I had it in my hand. A nice sized smallmouth between 12 and 14 inches long. In this river, this guy is one of the monsters.


Just after I released the big guy, I heard a “gloop” across the the river. I quickly tied on a popper hoping that I might get some top water action as well. On the second cast, I had another fish on, and it was fighting like another smallie. I knew it wasn’t huge, but pound for pound, those fish like to fight.


I waded upstream for another hour or so. On my way upstream I saw a longnosed gar swim past me, probably over 2 feet long. Today I fished some beautiful pieces of water, but I again I wish it had some trout taking up residency for extra fun. The next fish I saw was at a mucky pond just off the river. A big sploosh got my attention, and I took a seat to wait and see if it happened again. Several minutes passed by, and a fish over 12 inches lept almost 2 feet from the water to take an insect flying overhead. While I’m not exactly sure what type of fish it was, it definitely had some spunk.

As I waded downstream back to my mini-van (which I think I may start calling the fish van, like Traver’s fish car), I hooked a little blue gill on a dry fly – a white wulff actually. I continued back to my car, and saw that the park was being overrun by a secondary event other than the already present boy scouts. It was time to head home.


Old Fly Box

My grandfather’s 90th birthday was this past weekend. As a gift, some of my family helped clean his house. My mom called me and said she had found an old tackle box, and they were going to throw it away. I told her that I wouldn’t mind taking a look at it.

Well, a couple days later my mom gave me the tackle box. I cracked it open and there were three sinkers, a pack of huge hooks, and fly box.

I couldn’t believe it. I figured there would be some old spinners maybe, but not a fly box. My family grew up in East Jordan, MI and my great-grandmother’s house was on a trout creek. So, I guess it makes sense that my grandpa had some flies.

Here is a pic of the box:

Inside the box, there is a few wet flies and a few poppers:

There is a small logo on the inside:

I did a quick Google search and it didn’t turn up anything on the SFT company, but it did turn up a Ebay listing with a similar fly box – and it was going for 99 cents. It may not be worth a lot, but it has a lot of character and I’m glad to keep it in the family.