First Trout of 2009

Trout season opened in Michigan back on April 25 this year, so 77 days later I caught my first trout. The best part is I forgot my camera. I hate reports with no pictures. Oh well.

A thunderstorm rolled through this morning around 7:30am, and I actually got to sleep in today until around 9am. So, by the time I woke up the storm had passed, and I checked the USGS streamflow web site to see how the local trout stream was doing. Unfortunately the site was last updated at 7am, and I wasn’t getting any any new readings. With my daughter at my in-laws house, I decided this was too good an opportunity to pass up. I headed out to the creek.

I decided to try a location about half-way up from the confluence with the main river. I got there and the water looked great, so I guess the storm had not taken a great toll on the stream. I fished with BWO upstream, and a pink-squirrel back down stream. I got out and took the main trail down to a foot-bridge and fished down stream with a BHE nymph, and than back up with an adams dry. Not even a creek chub was interested in my offerings.

So, I hopped back in the trusty van and headed way upstream to a favorite location. I still had the adams on, and when I got to an access point, I was greatly disappointed. The stream had totally changed character. It was slightly up, running and fast, and with a stain. I got my adams stuck in a tree, and decided I wasn’t going to catch anything on a dry fly with the creek looking this way anyways. I swapped in a black woolly-bugger and tossed it into the first pool I came to, and instantly had a fish on.

I had an 8″ brown trout come to hand shortly, and admired the fire red spots before releasing it back into the fast moving creek. This is my first brown trout I’ve caught out of this water, and the first trout I’ve caught this year. I fished down through the rest of the creek until the next bridge, and found one really nice hole. I had switched between the black bugger, a nymph, and back to the bugger. I had a fish on once, and it got loose. The best was when I was stripping the bugger back, I had a fish break the surface trying to get it. Either it was a really small brown that couldn’t fit the bugger in it’s mouth, or a decent brown that was too smart…

I am heading up north sometime before the trout season closes, so maybe I’ll get another chance at a trout. However, this was a fun time spent on the creek this morning.

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