Manual Coffee Grinder

My coffee grinder is pretty sweet. I have Cuisinart automatic burr grinder. It definitely gets the job done, and done well.

I have had a couple situations though where I was curious if there were manual grinders still being sold. Well, I took a look and stumble onto the Camano Coffee Mill. It is a fully adjustable manual burr grinder. I am now intrigued with the idea of buying one of these.

So far here are my reasons for wanting a manual grinder…
1. On a camping trip with no electricity available, I could still fresh grind beans.
2. On a Saturday morning when I am trying not to wake up everyone in my house, I could quietly grind some beans.
3. At work, I may have a hard time justifying running a grinder in the office, but I don’t think anyone would argue with a manual grinder. (or notice).

Anyways, I continue to take a deeper path down the road of coffee snobbery, but this looks like a fun gadget to have on hand. It seems a little pricey, but on the other hand it looks like it is made out of steel and cast iron and is handmade. So this thing would probably last my lifetime.

Anyways, check ’em out and join me along the path to better coffee.

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