More canoe randomness

So, I have purchased a Thule roof rack system for my vehicle to transport my canoe. I was considering a DIY approach, but decided it is going to be on my vehicle, I’d rather have something that looks good.

But after looking at all the accessories that can go along with a canoe, there are some things I think could be DIY. So far I am considering the following projects, with some examples:

– DIY Canoe Stabilizer – Like this
– DIY Canoe Cart – like this
– DIY Loading Mat – Thule’s version

Just need time.

Fished the Local Trout Waters

I had an opportunity to fish one of the only local trout waters near where I live. I drove to about the farthest access point from my house which is about a 45 minute drive. Unfortunately, I there was no trout to be caught today. The good news was I didn’t get skunked.

There was some rain the night before, and the water flow definitely went up but was still clear when I arrived.

The water looked really good actually…

So, with not much time to spare, I rigged up a black woolly bugger and started working upstream. Casting streamers upstream are not fun. After I lost my fly on rock I switched to a gray adams, and worked the seams until I lost the adams in a tree. With my new Cocoon sunglasses on I was able to see into the water very clearly, and did notice a nice sized trout get spooked out from underneath an undercut bank as I walked by.

I switched back to a black bugger and worked a pool that gave me good luck before…

I tossed my bugger under a log jam, and saw something slash at it. So, I kept working the area and reeled in a short fat creek chub. I tossed the creek chub back in, and worked my way back downstream with my black woolly bugger. I lost this streamer on another underwatermbranch, and decided to put on a stone fly nymph for the rest of the walk out.

I worked my way back to where I entered the stream, and tossed the nymph into some slack water, and felt a nice bend in the rod. I could already see it was not a trout, and after a small battle I had a decent sized rock bass in hand. I wonder how many brown trout fingerlings this guy has eaten.

So, my drive up to the creek to fish for trout ended up with two fish caught, but no trout. At least I didn’t get skunked, and every time out is another learning experience.

Canoe prospects

Not much really going on here lately. I am hoping to get out for a short fishing trip up North before the end of the season in September.

Last year we hit the AuSable just as the White Fly hatches were tapering off below Mio, and we ended up having an amazing fishing time. See the post from last year here.

Maybe we can do something similar, but my hope this time is to have my very own canoe. I have been saving up gift cards and coins over the last few months to buy the same type of canoe my friend Matt owns. You can see the canoe back in my Tennessee trip post here.

So, I will be able to do float fishing by myself. Sounds like fun.