Went to a concert this weekend…

I went to a concert up in Oxford, MI this past weekend for the group Downhere. It is part of a church’s new ministry to provide low cost high quality family-friendly entertainment called The Stand. It actually is not what I was expecting, as the venue was somewhat smaller than what I imagined it would be. However, this just made it all the better by providing a more intimate setting.

I bought a Downhere CD a couple years back and listened to it off and on. But this this past year when their new CD Ending is Beginning came out, I was totally taken back at the quality of the lyrics combined with the musicality. They are a very talented band with very high quality music.

Probably their most popular song they’ve had is “How Many Kings” which is somewhat of a Christmas song. Here is a live version I found on YouTube if you’d like to hear what I’m talking about: