A Fly Fishing Bathroom

My wife bought me a fly fishing toilet seat for Christmas (something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Rivers-Edge-Toilet-Seat-Fishing/dp/B000I5KT8U). It was part of my overall present, and was permission to remodel “my” bathroom with Fly Fishing decor. She also bought me a matching PVC clock, a couple picture frames, and some art prints. All of the presents came from Ebay for much less than I’ve seen on some of the cabin decorating web sites that exist out on the web.

So, I figure I would post some of the things I did, and take a few pictures to share. A few days after Christmas I checked Ebay for some additional items for the bathroom. I ended up buying an outdoors themed bath rug and matching shower hooks. The big thing I ended up doing was re-painting the room. It is a small bathroom, and thought it would go quick, but with all the different angles, it took my forever to tape everything. I headed over to the Home Depot and picked up paint that was a color named “Oat Straw.” It looked to be the same color as one of my fly fishing shirts, so I figured it would be a good color. A couple days later I had the bathroom all painted.

I went up to Bed Bath and Beyond, and found out that they sell a ton of stuff made out of bamboo now. I figured that would fit my fly fishing theme, so I bought a bamboo soap dispenser and a silver ware holder that is now a tooth brush holder. The silver ware holder was about half the price of some of the other bamboo items, and I figured I could put all kinds of stuff in it. Seems to have worked out pretty good.

I wanted to replace my shower curtain rod, so with bamboo on the brain, I had an idea. I took some of closet organizer rod supports that were not being used in my bedroom closet and screwed them into the wall. I then found a bundle of decorating bamboo at a store called Garden Ridge. I picked a sturdy piece and cut it to size to fit as the shower curtain rod. It is working out pretty good so far.

I had some other art and pictures that I had been keeping on my tying bench that I hung up. I also picked up a cool sign at the local Hobby Lobby store that has a picture of a trout and a fly fishing quote on it. While at the store I also found a wrought iron magazine rack which is now hanging on the wall and provides a good place for reading materials to be stored.

I’m not able to be on the stream every day, but it is nice to have a room to remind me of fishing.

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