Some quick links

–The Michigan Fly Fishing Expo has posted their Seminar topics for 2010:

–The Pere Marquette river is now barrier-free with removal of lamprey weir:…/the-pere-marquette-river-electrical-barrier-lamprey-weir-at-custer-is-closed/

— Fly Fishing on the Tube
I have a homebrew Tivo (MythTV)that will search for the term “fly fishing” in all the current TV listings. This week it actually discovered a couple shows. On Versus, a show called Noth to Alaska, and also the Rick Mercer Report on the Canadian CBC station.  Rick Mercer is half-news anchor and half comedian, somewhat like John Stewart is to America.  They posted the fly fishing segment on You Tube.

Found a Fly Fishing related movie I might like

A new link over on the MidCurrent blog talked about an upcoming fly fishing movie. I typically ignore posts about movies on many fly fishing blogs because the last few Fly Fishing movies I’ve seen consist of people going to exotic destinations and reeling in huge fish. Once the fish is caught and held in the air, you usually here “nice fish” or “dude” or a combination of those two phrases. This sequence then repeats for approximately an hour.

This movie is called In the Land of the Cutthroat, and it looks different. Based on the trailers it seems to be more of a documentary about the cutthroat trout found along the continental divide in Colorado. There are two trailers currently available, and they are filled amazing photos of nature and some cool music to go along with the imagery. If the short movie (8 minutes or the full 14 minutes) follows the pattern of the trailer, then this just might be something I hope they intend to sell.

Check it out here:

A fly fishing thief in Colorado

Saw this story posted up on the news wire, and thought I would share. Some doofus has been targeting fly shops in the Denver area, and stealing expensive rods and reels. They caught him on video surveillance tape, and are now posting his face all over the Internet.

A link to the news story is below. I had to chuckle at the line, “And in this case, if he is caught, he won’t be released.” Also, in the introduction, the newscaster says “Flying Shops”… hopefully, they do catch the guy.