New Waders

So, a couple years ago I bought my first pair of Simms Waders. They were actually packable waders, which I thought would be nifty. Well, after about one year of use the seam in the foot started leaking.

I sent the waders into the company because they have a “first repair is free” policy. A few short days later, they sent me a brand new pair of waders. I was very happy and have been using these waders for probably a little over two seasons now. This fall they had another leak on one of the seams.

So, I decided to see how much it would be to repair the waders. It cost me $10 to ship them in. I got a call a couple days later and it was a Simms representative. They said they don’t make my size in that type of wader anymore and would offer me a free pair of the Simms Freestone Waders. I heard “FREE” and was ready to jump, when the rep said I could also upgrade if I wanted.

If I wanted I could go to the Headwaters chest waders for $100. These are $300 Gortex waders and are Made in the USA. I know that Gortex waders can actually be repaired at home, and they also seem like a better quality wader. So, I decided to jump at the offer.

I’m on my third pair of Simms waders now. The company has always been very easy to deal with, and I still would recommend their product. Also, now that I have a higher quality wader, I may find they hold together better too.

Now to just get some time on the water to use them…

A new look

I’ve been using the theme called “Connections” for the last few years. Today I saw a new theme called “Dark Wood” that I thought looked pretty nice. So I swapped it in and to give it a try.

I then realized that the bullet points are pink flowers, and I have to upgrade and pay to edit the CSS for a theme now. So, I swapped back to the trusty look.

2010 Michigan Fly Fishing Expo

Casting Pond

Above, is a view from the casting pool at the MFFC 2010 Fly Fishing Expo. I have to say that I really enjoyed myself this year. The seminars were all very informative, and there were new vendors to see, and fly tying supplies to be bought.

I’m hoping my daughter may get somewhat interested this year so she could participate in some of the children’s a activities next year. Over near the kids area, they had a tank where live trout were swimming around:
Trout in Tank

Right near the start of the show, I was able to meet Chuck from The Cedar Sweeper. I am going to subscribe to his magazine and suggest you do the same. In my opinion, you just can’t beat local content, and to be able to read a full-color magazine that is loaded with content about Michigan is priceless. So head over to and subscribe.

Huron Pines had an amazing demonstration setup where they created a miniature river in a what looked like a very fancy sand box. It was a very creative way to show how the work that they do changes the river, and was also fun to watch.

I ended up buying some materials from a vendor that some interesting items. I bought some Australian possom in two different colors, and some pearl flashabou. Also, I bought a magnetic trout net release from another vendor. The big purchase of the day was actually, a river guide book from the Challenge Chapter of TU.

I also bought some funny decals to put on my canoe from Bone Yard Fly Gear. Check out their website, they’ve got some interesting stuff here:
Another vendor I stopped by was the Painted Trout booth where I bought my little girl a t-shirt.

I attended three seminars and caught the tail end of another two.

I first caught the tail-end of the fly tying seminar that Jerry Regan did. His demonstration was on traditional Au Sable River flies, and I unfortunately was late to the show and only caught the last 10 minutes or so.
J Regan Tying

After Jerry Regan packed up his artificial turf rug and the rest of his tying gear, Joe Humphreys arrived at the fly tying area. This was actually one of my more interesting moments of the day. Joe was having some difficulties getting his microphone to sit correctly, and I happen to be sitting in the front row. I am familiar with this type of mic, so I went over to the table and helped him get it setup correctly. He is definitely a nice guy.
Joe Humpreys Tying

Joe was focusing on nymphs, and tied up several nymphs, and through in some nice tips. He also expounded on the fact that soft-hackle is not some new craze, and said “the Macedonians probably started tying soft-hackle flies.” A big tip was how he used an empty ball-point pen casing to pack the hackle over the hook eye.
Joe Humpreys Tying 2

The next seminar I went to was Todd Fuller’s discussion on the North branch of the Au Sable River. His family purchased the North Branch Outing Club, where they provide accommodations and river guides. Capt. Todd provided some good info about fishing the river at different times of the year, and some of the flies he would recommend.

The last seminar I attended was with Joe Humphreys again. The talk was titled “Brook Trout: Large and Small” and consisted of some DVD footageg the Joe had put together. It started with scenes from his DVD about fishing for small brookies on mountain streams, and then switched to footage of fishing for huge brookies in Labrador. He narrated the footage providing humor to go along with picture after picture of huge brook trout.

Steelie Forecast

Haven’t done a bunch of steel fishing, but I’ve got the gear and have been waiting for a good shot at the local river.

Well, the forecast for tomorrow is sunny, but nothing but rain to follow…

It may time to chase some steel.