I actually caught some fish today

This is my third time fishing over the last few days. I don’t think I’ve ever fished this much locally. First, I fished a local lake, then a local trout stream, and now I got out to my home waters.
Home waters

The best part was, the fish were on the bite today! Right off the bat, I caught a bunch of of fish out of the same hole. Within 10 steps of each other, I must have caught over a dozen fish – mostly red eye rock bass.

I switched between my go-to “Red Butt Skunk” fly and a black woolly bugger. There was a slight drizzle, overcast skies, and extreme humidity, and the fish kept eating away. So, I’m not sure what type of fly even mattered.

I started to move upstream, aiming to end up where I typically catch a bunch of fish. As I came around the first bend, there were fish rising all over the place. I decided to switch over to a dry fly, a Griffth’s Gnat, and caught a bunch of creek chubs. They may not be trout, but it was still fun.
Creek chub

The hole that I typically catch a bunch of fish from was empty. Today was almost like a day of opposites as far as technique and location on the water, but I caught fish after fish all over the place.
Blue gill

I worked my way down to location where there is a feeder spring. I heard a loud splash near a drowned log,and switched over to a green popper. I ended up with the biggest fish of the day, a big pan fish.
Bigger sun fish

I didn’t catch any big fish, like smallmouth or largemouth bass, so it was more of a quantity instead of quality type of day. I must have caught a dozen rock bass, a dozen sun fish, and a dozen creek chubs. This was a great way to finish off my staycation over the last few days.

A relaxing staycation fishing adventure

Today, I got out on the local trout creek.
Creek trail sign

First stop was to a new section I had never fished before. Within the first 15 minutes I enticed a trout out from underneath a rock in the run pictured below:
Creek 2

I waded into some pretty unusual areas of the creek and moved a couple more fish, or rather scared them. I eventually ended up catching some bait fish from the end of this run:
Creek 1

I traded up flies, waded, climbed rocks, swatted bugs – basically battled the elements, but no trout. I took a long walk to my next access point.

I was rewarded with a big creek chub, but still no trout. I did find two really nice fishing holes to check out on another day though.

One last attempt at catching a trout led me to a “honey hole” that I’ve never caught a fish out of, but always looks very promising. This time is looked VERY promising. As I stepped near the hole I saw movement on the stream bed. As my eyes focused through my polarized lenses, I saw close 20 fish moving. My jaw dropped as I thought they were trout, but the more I stared, the more I think they were sucker fish. The picture below turned out quite poor, but does show some of the fish…

Some fish

After my fishing expedition, I headed over to the gun range at the state park, and went through 50 practice rounds – most of which ended up on the target. To finish off my afternoon, I went to the Blue Ox BBQ in Lake Orion and picked up a pulled pork sandwich and a sweet tea.

Some near by fishing

I got out to do some fishing this past weekend. I caught absolutely no fish. However, I had an entire lake to myself, so it was quite relaxing.

I was also able to get my canoe out of the garage and try out my canoe stabilizers that I had built a while back. You can read about that by clicking here.

I really need to get my waterproof camera working again, so I can get some good pictures out on the water. I was attempting to catch bluegills, but either the fish were tired, spooked, or hot – or possibly a combination thereof. Either way, I got to explore some new fishing holes, and as they say – “a bad day of fishing …”


Couple things I am currently pondering…

First, it would appear that summer is rushing towards the finish line. Soon Autumn will arrive, and while that makes me happy, I also know that trout season is nearing the end as well.

I found out that there are several fishing journals available for the iPhone. I think it would pretty sweet to use the iPhone as a fishing log because the built in GPS, photos, and weather information that it could glean automatically. I may have to try one out and see how it works.