Chemex Coffee Brewer: A Christmas Present

I got two big presents for Christmas this year.  First, I got a pair of OEM Motorola S9 Stereo Bluetooth headphones (from Newegg), and I’ve been using those to listen to my tunage wirelessly.

Secondly, I got a Chemex Coffee maker ( It is a nice sturdy pour-over coffee maker that replaces my Melitta that was broken last year.

Check this out for a tutorial on making up some coffee in a Chemex:


What do I do in the winter?

So what is an angler to do in the winter? There are still some fishing related activities to participate in during the cold months, and even some that go hand-in-hand with what an angler does to keep busy.

We have a two-year-old and another baby on the way, and between responsibilities at home and at work, sometimes I need to stop and smell the roses. My wife is giving me a break on this Saturday evening, so I decided to ponder about some of the things I like to do…

old books
Angling Literature:
There are always some books on my shelf to read. I am always scouring someone the “deal” locations on the web to acquire some of the current and classic literature in relation to the sport of fishing. I just recently finished Thomas McGuane’s “The Longest Silence”, and as of late, I have picked up the following books:

  • “How to Fish From Top to Bottom” by Sid Gordon
  • “I Go A-Fishing” by W.C. Prime
  • “Along New England Roads” by W.C. Prime
  • “Little Rivers” by Henry Van Dyke
  • Tight Lines: Ten Years of the Yale Anglers’ Journal

    Also, if you are interested in the Fly Fishing themed literature, a new web site has been born at It is an online magazine for Anglers interested in prose and poetry related to fly fishing.

    Fly Tying:
    I really need to start tying up some flies for next year. My nymph box is greatly lacking, and I gained a better understanding of fishing streamers in the fall last year. With that said, I know what I need to tie, but just need to make some time to do so.

    There is nothing like a good cup of coffee sitting next to you as you tie a fly, and it is always nice to look forward to a tasty meal when you wake up or at the end of the day. I purchased a smoker this year, and have made smoked turkey and pulled pork. Maybe it is time to move to the next level and try to make a brisket. Also, I just purchased a new dutch oven, this time a small 6-inch 1 quart.

    Coffee is quickly becoming a new favorite past-time for me. I have stumbled onto some web sites that provide insight on how to make the best cup of coffee possible, and have asked for a Chemex coffee maker for Christmas. I have done research on how and where to get “real” coffee beans, and have discovered that coffee beans originating from Africa seem to have complex flavors that I like. Ethiopian Sidamo and Yigracheffe coffees have been my favorite so far.

    Lastly, I almost always have some music going. Whether I’m tying up flies, working on something, or baking a batch of granola. Right now there seems to be a large group of artists that are putting out some amazing music lately. Topping my favorite list is a new duo that goes by the name “The Civil Wars.” They have been giving away some free tracks over the last few months and have a new album due out in early 2011. If you want to check out what I am talking about, take a look at this link to an amazing series of live performances. Click here for the live concert footage.

    Well, I do have some Charlie Parker playing in the background, but I really should be tying some flies now… there is always something to do, even after the snow begins to fly.