Birds of a different feather

If you haven’t heard yet, there is a fashion trend sweeping the nation where folks are putting feathers in their hair. These feathers happen to be the same feathers that fly tyers use to make their flies.

I noticed on the front page of Google news that there was even a story in the NY Times about it:

I heard about this phenomenon months ago, but I am guessing that the trend is about to peak out here over the next couple months.

One good prediction I’ve heard is that the feather production will increase to meet demand, but demand will drop off rapidly, and the price of feathers may end up tanking. So, maybe it will work out in the best interest of fly tyers in the end.

New Fishing Camera

For my last trip I purchased an Olympus Tough 3000 from for $99.

I’ve used it on my last two fishing outings, and so far the pictures are proving to be decent, and I feel comfortable enough to toss the camera around and am not worrying about dropping it into the river.

It is supposed to be waterproof, freeze proof, and shock (drop) proof. I am hoping this camera list a while, and gives me some decent pics and videos. I’ll follow up with more opinions later.

Paint Creek One Fly 2011

This past weekend I participated in the Paint Creek One Fly Tournament.  The tournament is a fundraiser for the organization Casting For Recovery. I participated last year as well, and the event was bigger and better than last year. There were plenty of folks on hand to fish, and lots of prizes were given away.

We all gathered in the pavilion before 9am…


The tournament then began, and we fished until 1pm. You are only allowed to fish with one fly, and catch as many fish with that one fly as possible. I started off in a run where I saw others do well last year, and I ended up catching a tiny little fish there after a short while.


Within a short distance from here, I caught my big fish of the day. A whopping 6.5 inch fish.

It was fun to fish throughout the park. It seemed like there was an abundance of ducks this year…

It was a good day to fish, and it seemed like everyone was having fun.

I wasn’t able to stay for the whole event. I left early to go to my nephew’s birthday party, but maybe I’ll be able to stay next year. There is a casting contest, and a cook out that typically follows the event.

I have to say that I was very appreciative of Chris Reister from Willow Classic Reels ( and Mystic Fly Rods ( He gave each participant a free fly box, and it was an amazingly nice fly box. Definitely check out the rods and reels for sale from this company.

I also saw the guys from The Cedar Sweeper (, and Chuck said he hooked into a nice sucker fish. Maybe it was really a strange species of trout, that could have counted for the contest.

The event is lots of fun, and I hope it continues to grow and raise even more money for Casting For Recovery.

You can learn more about the event here:

and more about Casting for Recovery here: