A Warm Day in July – Fishing Report

Last night I headed out with a couple friends to my “home waters” where I end up fishing the most. Luckily they talked me in to meeting at a later time because it was a pretty warm afternoon. I was hoping we might run into a few smallmouth, and we ran into one good one. I decided to throw the pictures into a filter to make it look old school, and I thought it turned out pretty good.


The first nice fish of the day was a largemouth caught on a red and white streamer (very patriotic).
Largemouth on the Fly

A short while later, I turned around just in time to see a nice smallie go airborn as my friend took this fish on the same streamer.
Nice Smallmouth Bass

As we walked out, the sunlight was pretty much gone, and a group of fireflies started to light up an area just next to the river. I’ve not seen so many fireflies together like that, and it was an amazing way to end the night.