Michigan Fly Fishing Expo 2013

MFFC Expo 2013

I was able to attend the Michigan Fly Fishing Expo on March 9.  It was fun to get out and start dreaming about being on the water again.

My wife brought both my daughters this year, and they had fun making a T-shirt and trying out casting at the casting pond.  I always worry about the casting pond now because they actually have Sage rods set out for the kids. I’m not really sure that I want to chance my girls snapping the tip on a fly rod worth several hundred dollars, but they handled it well and there were no broken fly rods.
Casting Pond

The girls even got to try some rocking trouts:
Rocking Trouts

Seems like our family has been down with some type of illness every couple of weeks since the end of last year.  Taking the illness and coupling it with work, church, and life in general, the last few months have just zipped by. But, I am excited because I am attempting to plan a short trip to Montana later this year. Hopefully, that will force me to stop and smell the roses. In preparation for the trip, I decided to buy a 4-piece fly rod at the show. I ended up at the Colton Bay Outfitters booth where ironically the owner, Dirk Fischbach, was giving a seminar later in the day about traveling to Montana on the cheap. After discussing some packing options, he showed me the 6wt Mystic Reaper fly rod, and I decided to buy it. I know a little bit about Mystic fly rods, and that it is a Michigan-based company, so I was happy to try and support them.