Don’t Know About the Last Saturday in April 2013

In Michigan, the last Saturday in April marks the opening day for trout fishing.  Last year we had an amazingly mild winter, and opening day was almost too late.  This year, Mr. Winter won’t quit.  With seven days before the opener we had one day this past week sky rocket up to 80 degrees, drop bucket fulls of rain on us, and this even there were snow flurries.

Grand Rapids declared a state of emergency because the Grand River is flooding, and the local water is not looking too much better around these parts.  

A new idea for a short story…  weathering the weather.  That is pretty much what life is all about. 

Where the Yellowstone Goes

So, I don’t watch movies too often, but stumbled onto a gem of a film that had been added to Netflix.  A documentary called “Where the Yellowstone Goes” was added to Netflix a little while back, and I finished watching it this past week.

The premise is that a group of folks float down the entire length of the Yellowstone river in a drift boat over the course of a month.  Along the way, they take in Montana’s sights and sounds, encounter the remnants of an oil spill, and do a bunch of fly fishing too.

I thought it was a well done movie. Many of the movies in the “fly fishing” genre consist of gratuitous pictures of giant fish caught in places I’ll never afford to go to.  This documentary was about some normal folks floating down one of country’s great rivers.

Check it out there: