Trout Opening Day on a non-trouting stream

First, I wanted to pass along this reading list that popped up on my WordPress feed today:

I’ve read at least one of the books in the list, and just wanted to pass along the link in case others might be interested.

With that said…

This past weekend was the trout opener, and with a laundry list of home ownership tasks, I was still able to get out for a bit and fish.

I headed to a local water location where I’ve caught blue gills and bass before.  Like many of the other reports I’ve been hearing about the trout opener, I saw absolutely nothing.  There were birds chirping and passers-by, but the water was devoid of any living creatures.  There were a few bugs floating around, but nothing of any substance.

The exciting part of the day was that I was able to try out my new handy dandy Go Pro Silver video camera.  I’m posting up the video, albeit extremely boring.  You can see how bad I cast, and listen to some birds… and all for several minutes too.