Michigan Fly Fishing Expo 2014

Picture 061

I went to the annual fly fishing expo this year. My main goal was to get an autograph from Joe Humphreys. When I first started fly fishing, I went to the library and checked out two VHS cassettes. The first was an instructional video from Joe Humphreys put out by Rod and Reel. The second was a similar video by Gary Borger. These two videos provided the basis for me to start teaching myself how to use my fly rod, read the water, and just plain tie on my flies.


Once I was able to have Gary Borger sign a copy if his recent book during my recent trip to Montana, I thought it would be nice to also get an autograph from Joe. Luckily, he was a headliner at the show this year.


I was able to purchase Joe’s book Trout Tactics, and got to meet him at the Author Booth at the show. We only chatted for a minute, but it was great.

I really didn’t buy much at the show this year. After fishing for so many years now, I own pretty much everything I need. I’ve dabbled in fly tying and rod making. If anything though, it is still nice to take a look around the show and see what is new and exciting. I did attend one seminar on the topic of fishing the AuSable during the month of May. It was definitely nice to see some photos and video clips during one of the harshest winters I can remember to dispel some cabin fever. Hopefully, I can hit the water soon.

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