Are you salty?

Interesting lesson I learned. Christians are to be the salt of the earth.

  1. Salt is white and pure – we are to be examples of purity.
  2. Salt is a preservative – our influence should preserve and keep a Godly lifestyle.
  3. Salt provides flavor – we should bring flavor to a spiritually dead world.

And what is really scary is that most Christians do not do what they know they should, and James called this a sin.

My Jeep News

While I was in Newberry, Jenny and I were driving around the town looking for First Baptist Church of Newberry so we knew where to go to on Sunday morning.

Down one of the side streets I saw this…

Yes, that is a CJ. Yes it is sad. No front wheel. Rust all over the place. However it looked like it had a really nice hardtop. That is too bad.

On a good note, before I left for vacation I took my Jeep into Five Star Auto – The Jeep Outfitters. I had heard good things about them on the message boards, and from a coworker. They sounded very good at what they do, and specialize in Jeeps. I told them about both the little things that needed work anda couple of big things. They said they would get back to me with a quote.

Yesterday I heard back from them with a quote for $2100. At first I was taken back, but then I went over all the things it needed. They said the axle was about to fall off and needed new brackets and u-joints. The steering column needed to be replaced. The brakes had to be replaced all around. The oil pan and transmisson fluid pan both needed new gaskets. The engine needed a full-tune up with plugs and cap. The gas guage needed a new sending unit. So, I gave them the go ahead, and I should be getting my Jeep back within a couple of days. Woot.