Working on the Nursery

This weekend Jen and I worked on the nursery after receiving a bunch of gifts from the baby shower on Thursday.

Here is what the room looked like Friday afternoon:
Nursery Mess 1

Nursery Mess 2

Then after Jen did a bunch of organizing, and I did some moving and cleaning and putting together of things it looked like this:
Nursery Organized 1

Fatherhood draws closer…

Today Jen and I went to the hospital and had our second round of ultrasounds done. The baby was fairly cooperative at first, and was quite active.

Ultra Sound - sideview

The front view of the face is was kind of freaky because you can see the skeleton so well:
Ultrasound - Front view

The really weird part was when we saw the spine. You can actually see all the little vertebrae up and down the spine. The good news is everything is on track and looking normal. We have a healthy baby. It was amazing to see the baby squirming around so much. We even had to do some laps around the office because the baby wouldn’t roll over when trying to get the information on the heart rate. I told Jen to hop, skip, and jump, and had to tickle her to get her moving, but the baby still didn’t roll over – so she has to go back for another round.

The funny part was when the baby decided to do some interesting hand gestures. West Side!
Ultra Sound - West Side!

Baby’s First Picture

I guess it technically is not a picture it is an ultrasound, but the baby is definitely pictured below:


We have decided to not know the gender until birth – which I believe will probably be a daunting task.  Also, we currently like names that start with H such as Herbert, Harold, and Hilga… =) or not.

Computer woes and big news

So, I haven’t posted on my blog in a while.  Well, there is a good reason for that.   After battling with a computer virus for two weeks on my computer, I decided to look elsewhere for my operating system.  While I seemed to be slowly losing my geekiness, I decided to go back to my roots.  I spent much time learning and using Linux in the early days of Linux.  I used to run Slackware on my machine, and compile everything.  As time went on, Linux became better, but I also required the use of Windows-based programming and never really utilized Linux on my PC (except my TV has a MythTV box connected).

It was now time to try again.  I heard my favorite distribution Debian (I still have a spot in my heart for Slackware though) was made even easier in a distribution called Ubuntu.  Well, on my first run through of installation Ubuntu detected more hardware in my PC than Windows XP did.  I have only had one major trial – converting my Outlook email into Thunderbird.  I was able to do so by converting my PST into Outlook Express, and converting that after a Windows based install of Thunderbird, and simply copying over the folders to my Linux box.

This is my first blog post from my Ubuntu machine, and I am very satisfied with the OS.  I am running gnome, and was able to install some Windows based programs under Wine, and am using a nifty OSX-like dock called Avant Window Navigator (AWN).  Plus, Ubuntu has the high-graphics interface included by default now so I get a sweet looking desktop environment.

Anyways, the big news that I am writing about… Jen and I are having a baby!  We saw our child’s heartbeat in the first ultrasound last week, and the baby even jumped.  I am really excited, and am praying for good health throughout the pregnancy for mom and baby.

I already have a “F is for Fishing” outfit picked out.  Also, I found a Jeep Baby Carrier (papoose) that gets good reviews: