But Daniel made up his mind…
-Daniel 1:8

“made up”
שומה – to put

appoint, care, change, charge, commit, consider, determine … do.

A little bit of randomness…

First, I took my daughter out for what I would consider her first fishing trip yesterday. A little pond at a park about 20 minutes away holds a bunch of blue gill. The good thing is I don’t think they know what a fly is, and are pretty eager to try one out.

So, I was armed with a small fly box full of blue-gill flies, a pair of clippers, and a small pink Barbie fishing pole that lights up. I started off by trying to teach my daughter how to cast…

fishing 2

After a a few minutes she gave up, and I decided I would hook one and then hand off the pole, so she could reel it in. My wife said I looked pretty funny fishing with a 2-foot long pink fishing pole… Anyways, after about 10 minutes I hooked into a decent sized bass, an let her reel it in. I think she got a kick out of seeing the fish up close.


My second bit of randomness…

I was on my way into church this morning and stumbled on the the Ravi Zacharias radio show called Let My People Think. It contained a very good discussion titled “Evil and Modernity”, and I was specifically impressed by the guest named Os Guinness. He had some good points regarding the church in America today. I’m not sure how long the podcast will be available for download, but it is currently posted up here:

Solace in creation

Saw this post over at John Piper’s blog:

Piper provides a quote from a lecture given by Charles Haddon Spurgeon in regards to gaining solace by experiencing God’s creation first hand. I took a look at the whole lecture, and found Spurgeon mentioned streams and “the trouts,” a favorite place of mine.

The ferns and the rabbits, the streams and the trouts, the fir trees and the squirrels, the primroses and the violets, the farm-yard, the new-mown hay, and the fragrant hops—these are the best medicine for hypochondriacs, the surest tonics for the declining, the best refreshments for the weary.

You can read the entire lecture here:

Went to a concert this weekend…

I went to a concert up in Oxford, MI this past weekend for the group Downhere. It is part of a church’s new ministry to provide low cost high quality family-friendly entertainment called The Stand. It actually is not what I was expecting, as the venue was somewhat smaller than what I imagined it would be. However, this just made it all the better by providing a more intimate setting.

I bought a Downhere CD a couple years back and listened to it off and on. But this this past year when their new CD Ending is Beginning came out, I was totally taken back at the quality of the lyrics combined with the musicality. They are a very talented band with very high quality music.

Probably their most popular song they’ve had is “How Many Kings” which is somewhat of a Christmas song. Here is a live version I found on YouTube if you’d like to hear what I’m talking about: