Computer woes and big news

So, I haven’t posted on my blog in a while.  Well, there is a good reason for that.   After battling with a computer virus for two weeks on my computer, I decided to look elsewhere for my operating system.  While I seemed to be slowly losing my geekiness, I decided to go back to my roots.  I spent much time learning and using Linux in the early days of Linux.  I used to run Slackware on my machine, and compile everything.  As time went on, Linux became better, but I also required the use of Windows-based programming and never really utilized Linux on my PC (except my TV has a MythTV box connected).

It was now time to try again.  I heard my favorite distribution Debian (I still have a spot in my heart for Slackware though) was made even easier in a distribution called Ubuntu.  Well, on my first run through of installation Ubuntu detected more hardware in my PC than Windows XP did.  I have only had one major trial – converting my Outlook email into Thunderbird.  I was able to do so by converting my PST into Outlook Express, and converting that after a Windows based install of Thunderbird, and simply copying over the folders to my Linux box.

This is my first blog post from my Ubuntu machine, and I am very satisfied with the OS.  I am running gnome, and was able to install some Windows based programs under Wine, and am using a nifty OSX-like dock called Avant Window Navigator (AWN).  Plus, Ubuntu has the high-graphics interface included by default now so I get a sweet looking desktop environment.

Anyways, the big news that I am writing about… Jen and I are having a baby!  We saw our child’s heartbeat in the first ultrasound last week, and the baby even jumped.  I am really excited, and am praying for good health throughout the pregnancy for mom and baby.

I already have a “F is for Fishing” outfit picked out.  Also, I found a Jeep Baby Carrier (papoose) that gets good reviews:

OpenSource Desktop Search – DocSearcher

Today I stumbled onto an open source desktop search engine called DocSearcher.  While it doesn’t have all the capabilities of Google Desktop, Yahoo, and a couple of the other big ones, it works really well on word documents, pdfs, and other local documents (not email).  The best part is it is a local program, and I don’t feel like I am giving Google or Yahoo access to the files on my PC.  Check it out here: