One last political post…

After talking with some of my co-workers, I was introduced to Huckabee.  I didn’t agree with Huckabee’s statements at one of the the debates where he directly attacked Paul and said we needed to remain in Iraq for our honor, but I do agree with his stance on many different issues.  There are some issues I could not tell if Paul was either for or against because he uses a “Let the state decide” comment very often.

So, I started looking for some good comparisons of the candidates and found the link below.  If you are looking for some more candidate information, check out this site:

It seems to be a neutral site that offers a side-by-side comparison for any of the candidates.

Ron Paul 2008

I typically do not write about politics, but it seems like Ron Paul is purposely being ignored by the media. (Click here for an example..) So, here we go…
Honestly, in our two party system of government it is hard to choose a good candidate and it seems we must constantly choose the lesser of two evils at election time. Other countries do seem to have more than two parties to choose from, and even here in the U.S. there are a variety of other parties that just do not get the necessary support. For example, parties such as the Constitution Party ( are almost unknown to most people. However, if you were to go up to the average person on the street and ask them issue by issue what they believe in – they would probably align themselves with a party other than “the big two.”

With that said, if you do not know who Ron Paul is yet, you may want to check into what he thinks by clicking on the picture below. He is running as a republican so that he can utilize the two-party system, but he has the ideals of a third party and has previously ran as a libertarian. What is so different about Paul? Two big things for me – over many years he has never flip-flopped over the various issues he stands for, and is one of the few candidates that I believe is sincerely trying to make America better.

And while I’m discussing Paul, the media has labeled voting Christians as the “Evangelical Vote” (click here for more on that) and are politically powerful, but they seem to be ignoring Ron Paul. I would count myself part of the Evangelical voting group, and it has been said that the Evangelical Vote could make up as much as 25% of the overall vote.

Well, if you are part of the “Evangelical Vote” too, take a minute to read Paul’s statement of faith( ), because it is just as good, if not better (ahem-Romney-ahem) as many of the other candidates. Additionally, Paul is a huge protector of unborn children and a former “baby” doctor. To me, he is what the republican party used to be.