Perfection Loop

I am just starting to learn different knots to tie on my fly gear.

I purchased some knotless leader lines, and was trying to find different ways to make a loop at the end of my fly-line.  I bought a fishing knot book, but it showed only one way to put a loop at the end of the fly line and it involved using a razor to strip the plastic from the line exposing the core.  Then wrapping the core to the fly-line using monofilliment wire and then gluing it all together.

I decided there had to be an easier way, so after some Internet research I found the perfection loop. I am not sure how strong it will be, but I will test it out very soon and see how it works.  From what I can tell it seems to be very strong.   The best part is that it is very easy to tie, and I already have it memorized how to tie it.

Dude, where’s my hair?

I think it has been almost two years now. But I made a deal with the youth group. If you bring ten teens to church on a Sunday morning, I’ll shave my head. I bartered them down to a #2, and not a razor shave.

I didn’t think it would happen, but then today we had Pack-a-pew Sunday at church. There were 4 visitors, 2 teens who haven’t been there in a while, and 4 regulars. 4+4+2 = 10.  It also happened to be the Sunday School Picnic today.  So, Courtney and Josh got the privilege of buzzing my hair off.  Dave batted clean-up.
While it is not the most drastic hair-change ever, I only have about 1/4″ hair on my head.  It ain’t much.
Here is a before, during, and after picture:



Third Day Concert

Much thanks to Greg who provided me with some most excellent tickets to see Third Day, Jars of Clay, and Michael W. Smith at DTE Energy Theatre. I went to a similar concert a few years ago where it was David Crowder Band opening for Mercy Me and then Michael W. Smith. Michael W. Smith’s style of music doesn’t seem to fit well with any of the aforementioned music groups, and I feel bad for him when he follows up behind Mercy Me or Third Day because it is almost a musical let down. However, the music is all to worship God and the mission was definitely accomplished.

This was the second time I’ve seen Third Day. The last time was up in Frankenmuth. Up there the venue was basically an oversized pole barn, and the acoustics were awful. This time, it was ten times better. I think Mac Powell’s voice was muffled at times, and there was a certain guitar that Brad Avery played that sounded almost screechy which would cover up some of the lyrics. I think the lyrics need to be the number one priority, especially at a concert like this.  Either way, I think I may have to get me a gomer shirt.
One interesting thing is that Jars of Clay have a new album coming out called Good Monsters, and everyone except the lead singer was dressed up in a big fuzzy monster costume, like they just walked out of Sesame Street. Oh yea, Michael W. Smith was pretty good too…
Anyways, I got to go with Matt, Kelly, and Daniel, and I had a riot. I’m glad they were able to go. Here are a couple pictures at the concert:

Jars MattnMe